Signs That Your Vehicle's Air Filters Need to Be Serviced

When your car's cabin and engine air filters malfunction, it can negatively impact the vehicle's acceleration and fuel efficiency. To keep your car running right, make sure to get these filters serviced regularly with the help of Texoma Hyundai.

The passenger cabin air filter is responsible for removing pollutants from the air, ensuring the air you and your passengers breathe isn't filled with pollen or dust. The engine air filter, on the other hand, catches and removes airborne toxins that could disrupt engine performance. This system uses paper and foam elements to catch contaminants entering via the PVC valve. If the system stops working, pollutants can enter the engine, preventing it from receiving the clean air needed for optimal combustion. If you've noticed poor in-cabin air flow or inadequate acceleration, it may be a sign that your air filtration system needs to be serviced.

If you're a Sherman, TX driver who needs a new air filter, come see us soon for air filtration services!

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